I agree with the plaudits for those who run the marathon of Marne Platt, and agree also with the importance of caring for herself.

But I was mostly identifying with the parent and how this could be MY child or children running that marathon, thinking in the future tense. Hells bells, it is NOW!

This is an incredible story - the story itself and the writing. Kudos.

Hmmm. You write: "In fact, a lot of my high earners weren’t curated pieces. " Yet, the article is all about your being 100% curated.

Helluva read for someone who has just published her first three Medium essays! Glad I wasn't thinking of it as a career move.

~Living in Trailers~

Quote: “Get over it.” Antonin Scalia

Space: “1 there was not enough space for them all: room, expanse, extent, capacity, area, volume, spaciousness, scope, latitude, expansion, margin, leeway, play, clearance; headroom, legroom, elbow room.2 the green spaces in and around San Francisco are under constant threat from…

An essay about aging and trying to die that doesn’t mention Depends once.

I could hardly believe it when I heard the knocking on my car window and saw people in uniform outside. I was not supposed to be alive. There had been the most careful planning. I was parked in a dark, shadowy spot at a shopping mall; a little knoll just…

The world I left and the world I found when I reentered through the law school.

Can you even imagine? I moved into student housing at the University of North Dakota with law school starting in a couple of weeks when I learned that one-third of the class before mine had flunked out.

Holy shit! This was a piece of information to carry around. I had…

Vivian E. Berg

I am an old person living in SW FL. Moved from ND 10 years ago. I read widely. I am a retired lawyer. Two grown kids, a husband, and a Westie, Mr. Peat Boggs.

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